We invited Space to tender for the construction work based on detailed architect plans. On the basis of their competitive tender and portfolio of work we selected the Space team, who then worked with us to reduce the cost through practical amendments recommended by Space to the design. As a detailed-oriented and organised couple, we were pleased to see Space’s professionalism, and high organised project management skills (one of the team’s stand-out strengths). Their detailed use of project management software meant that their costings and timings were accurate, minimising both their and our risk of time or cost blow-outs.

After construction started in June 2018, we were incredibly impressed at the progress made. This was maintained at every stage of the build. The focus on quality was excellent but above all the project management meant that we had long lead times on any decisions. On the few occasions where we had to make changes to the designs, the process was consultative and pragmatic. There were no cost or time overruns (project was delivered three weeks ahead of schedule) other than where we made conscious decisions to upgrade (primarily an investment in digital home control technology, which Space accommodated very professionally).

Further, working with the Space team, Bob, Alex (x2), Aaron and Andy, was an absolute pleasure throughout.

There have inevitably been a few minor items since we’ve moved in that needed attention – the Space team has responded quickly to remedy even the smallest matters.

I cannot recommend Space too much – they made the build a great experience.