After many years of living overseas and being bombarded by constant streaming of Grand Designs and other reality-based building shows, my wife and I finally embarked on an architect designed build of our family home in Brisbane in 2018. Our architect introduced us to Bob, Alex, Aaron and the team at Space as a company that could bring our paper bound ideas to life.

My wife and I had lived in many apartments and houses over the years, and we had very clear expectations and needs, a quality build that would stand the test of time without our budgets being gouged.

Space far exceeded our expectations.

In terms of understanding our need for quality that would last, Space displayed an empathetic understanding and proactively made suggestions that hit the sweet spot of saving money but ensuring the quality of the build would last a lifetime. From materials to workmanship, Space showed a fluent understanding that value for money is an equation that only works in the long term and that aesthetic sensibilities do not have to be sacrificed in that equation. This type of pragmatism is rarely seen in the building industry where pendulum swings between short term costs savings and extravagant vanity spends are the norm.

As a partner to our trusted architect, Space was able to dove-tail nicely into the aspirations of what we had only envisioned in our minds. Space identified and executed elements that needed attention to turn imagination into reality. Everything from Roman drains to double glazed windows, from placements of compressors to flood design (all things that may have not been part of the plans), were discussed to make sure the final build lived up to the expectations of the vision. In hindsight, when we sit in our house after a dinner or having had friends over, there is a quiet satisfaction in knowing the utility of the things that are not visible and yet play a central role in having taken the plan from a vision to a real-life structure.

Project Management
A potential nightmare for any build, the team at Space and in particular Alex and Aaron were on top of this from the beginning. We always felt like the team was in control, pre-empting any situation with a phone call or an email and always with a next step or suggestion. Even when issues did occur with elements such as weather (or concreting!), no avenue was left unexplored, and one was left with the impression that we were only brought into the fray once a solution or options had been found.

We have no hesitation in recommending the team at Space. They have managed to combine the soft and hard skills necessary to bring people’s dreams to life and on budget! Their portfolio and word of mouth speak for themselves and are well deserved. We are pleased to have been a small part of the story of a successful Queensland business and still follow them on social media to see the wonderful projects they are working on at any given time.