When you tell friends and colleagues that you are building a house, most of them roll their eyes and wait for you to start talking about all of the problems that you are having with your builder. When you tell them how much you are enjoying working with your builder, they give you a strange look as if they don’t really believe you…

But that’s how it is when you work with Space Constructions. If you are looking for builders who you can trust and will enjoy working with, you cannot go past Bob and Andy at Space.

Our project was complicated– 3 suspended concrete slabs on a sloping block. The 14-month build was completed on-time and on-budget.

There was always something happening on site. The project was so well organised – things were constantly moving forward in a structured and well thought out way.

The quality of their work is first class – you really do get the very best quality if you build with Space. And not just because that’s what we wanted – Andy and Bob wanted it too. Once or twice, while we were doing an inspection during the build, we’d spot something that didn’t look quite as good as we were hoping it might. Before we even had a chance to query it, Bob would point to it and say “Don’t worry about that – we’re going to change it so it looks better than that”. We didn’t even have to ask! The end product is so amazing – we are so delighted with it.

There were never any surprises in terms of cost. These guys know what they are doing – and as a result, you can be confident that they price that they give you will be accurate. We had a few variations – mostly because we wanted to make changes as we went through the build. The Space team handled all of those in their stride, and were always very proactive in identifying the cost of any change and what alternatives might be available.

We cannot speak highly enough of Bob and Andy at Space. They are true professionals and fantastic to work with.